About us

Al Baraa

The activities of Al Baraa Group span four business categories. The first and most contributing category is the trading of oil, oil byproducts and petrochemical materials. The group is active in the service field through shipping, oil tank cleaning, fish farming, power generators & machinery rental and IT consultancy.

Manufacturing is the third category that the group has selected to invest in through two main production facilities, namely mining and high-temperature insulation wool production. Other investment areas under the fourth category that the group is engaged in include real estate, hospitality and medical diagnostic services.


Our mission is to achieve high level of customer satisfaction through the capitalization of highly trained staff and utilization of innovative methods of distribution. Furthermore, a dynamic adaptation to various market needs across all our products and service offerings in order to exceed or meet our customers expectations.


Our vision is to expand our global footprint through distribution, acquisition, and partnerships to deliver our products and services. Contribution to our community is done through the diversification of our business activities and creating job opportunities to our work force.